Released March 11, 2024

South of the Mason-Dixon Line, a novel by Kim Chosie
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Wherever you go, there I’ll be

Lanie is a Yankee, a fashion conscious liberal and a pacifist. She grew up in New York City, in a catastrophically dysfunctional family and when she met charming and sexy Junior, she thought he was the answer to her hopes for a happy life and married him. He wasn’t. Now that he is dead by her own hand (or so she thinks), she needs a moment to regroup. With the help of her best friend Lisa and her spunky and fashion forward seven-year-old daughter Zoey, she prepares for whatever may come next.

The phone rings. It is Lisa calling from Clarksville, also known by us as Banjoland, a remote location in the Deep South (may as well have been Siberia) where she and her husband Adam have relocated as a step towards Ad’s political aspirations. “Come South,” she says, “there’s a job for you here,” she says, “I miss you,” she finally says. Her tone seems overly insistent.

But move? To Banjoland, where camouflage was the new black? Despite her apprehension and deciding she has nothing to lose, Lanie impulsively decides to take a risk and start over in this foreign arena. Here her pre-conceived ideas about Southern life are both challenged and validated, as she’s faced with every Southern prejudice she’s ever heard.

As she confronts her own demons, Lanie finds herself unexpectedly embroiled in a Southern political mystery that has ramifications she never could have predicted. Her first local event is a wedding in a double wide trailer where she meets an eclectic cast of characters including Mason, an undercover agent who works to expose government corruption. His sophisticated persona doesn’t seem to fit in with these locals and she is immediately attracted to him. Romance takes off.

As this cast and culture offer the backdrop for when her past and future collide, Lanie literally fights for her life, finds the clue that solves the mystery, and falls in love. Along the way she learns the language and customs of the indigenous people, overcomes betrayal and forms lifelong friendships. Finally, Mason proposes around a fire with their friends in attendance, backstrap (deer loin) on the grill and an alligator hanging from a skinning rack in the background. Lanie accepts, justice prevails and peace reigns, for now.

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