Kim has been blurring the lines and telling stories since elementary school in Upstate New York, where her 2nd grade teacher praised her story telling ability but told her parents she couldn’t tell whether her stories were “true or a creation of her active imagination”. The trend continued, when in 5th grade she won a non-fiction essay competition after she wrote “When your father has another family”. The story wasn’t true, but she wanted to see if her writing would convince people that it was. She did. From there she continued writing but never really considered publishing anything, and instead jotted down random thoughts, observations, and short stories until she joined the Army at age 17 and the “scribbles” ended up in a cardboard box in the back of her closet. The Army allows little time for creative expression and so her writing remained dormant while she moved South to finish her military stint, married, and raised her children—still occasionally jotting down her thoughts and sticking them in the box. Once the children left the nest and she had an abundance of alone time with her man and their dog, she realized for the sake of all their sanity she needed to open the box and resume what she loves so much. Today, she continues to live Down South, enjoying all farm life has to offer but taking the necessary, quarterly trips back to where it all began.


Author Kim Chosie

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