Deceit in Dixie, a novel by Kim Chosie


The Down South Series, Book 2

Lanie Downes is blindsided when her husband Mase’s exotic and gorgeous ex-fiancée, Bella, unexpectedly arrives in town, but to Lanie’s jealous dismay, Mase is exuberant. When the ex joins them for the family post-prison reunion—celebrating Mase’s evil father’s release from prison–Lanie’s gut feeling tells her this is more than a brief, “I’m only in town for a few days” visit, and she is determined to get to the bottom of Bella’s return. Read more…

Southerner Approved! If you’re a Southerner, you’ll immediately relate to these characters. If you aren’t, you’ll enjoy being immersed in Southern culture, relationships and community. Mystery, romance, tragedy, politics-this book has it all.”
—Amazon Review

Deceit in Dixie, a novel by Kim Chosie

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South of the Mason-Dixon Line, a novel by Kim Chosie
South of the Mason-Dixon Line, a novel by Kim Chosie

The Down South Series, Book 1

As she sat in the 3rd row of chairs haphazardly situated in the middle of this double-wide trailer, Lanie watched a pregnant young bride marry a guy with a screen-printed tuxedo on a t-shirt, 15 years her senior. She couldn’t believe she was actually in the Deep South (where she thought the Amish lived). Jesus, she thought, the minister is drunk and the bride’s mom is wearing pink camo. On the other hand, sitting next to her was a sexy senator’s son who looked just as out of place as she felt. Read more…

Author Kim Chosie


Kim has always been a storyteller, and after moving South and raising her children, she took advantage of the fertile opportunities surrounding her life in the Deep South to pen her first full-length novel. The contrast in lifestyle from her childhood in upstate New York to that of rural Southern life afforded her many opportunities to broaden her perspective on the different meanings of American life. She currently works in the “City” and returns every evening to life on her farm with her husband and mandatory dog. Learn more…